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The Truth About Sports Drinks – And Why It Could Be Slowing You Down

Sports Drinks – Not What You Think


In the contrary to their claims in which our own body doesn’t feel the thirst, study shows that your body natural thirst has a bigger and better effect. A research done on a group of marathon runners deducted that when listening to your body and consume fluids when thirsty, has a better effect on the performance and it enhances performance and achievements.

In addition, most of the theories about sports drinks has no evidence and yet they somewhat common. A well known health journal studied up close more than 5000+ articles about sports drink and found hundreds of no evidence arguments, about the fact that these products improve performance and results. About 70% of the articles did not provide their sources, and in the other 30% that did provide them, no true study had been done to measure their accurate performance impact. It is of course necessary to say that most of the articles were biased and seemed in favor of a specific brand.

Can These Products Cause More Damage Than Help?

Most of the studies about sports drinks concentrate around athletes and very athletic people. This group is built out of people who train many times a week and with high intensity workouts for long periods. The majority of the crowd consuming these products however, engage much moderate activity – both in intensity and in rate (walking instead of running, friendly outdoor cycling instead of competitive cycling, etc). Thus the existing findings don’t relate to the public and we can’t deduced something real and absolute.

In addition, sports drinks contain about 5 tea spoons of sugar (approximately 25 grams), and as their popularity among children rises, it can contribute to obesity. The common mistake here is that, due to the fact that these drinks are recommended by professional athletes, and sport organizations , in order to prevent dehydration, people mistake them as healthy. In face study shows that parents believe that these drinks are healthy and should be consumed by their children.

Current research is lack to determine benefits and drawbacks of sports drinks, but we all can be certain that these drinks wont make you a Marathon runner and in fact can cause you gain more weight and slow you down.



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