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Winter Is Coming – New Details Revealed About The New 7 Season Of Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Season 7

“Winter is coming” – Season 7 Game of Thrones details !!

Emmy favorite will return later than usual with less episodes


“Winter is coming” – Season 7 Game of Thrones details !!

Big changes are about to happen in Game of Thrones series. HBO company confirmed that some things are not going to be the same in making their biggest show.

For instance, the premiere of the seventh season will be during the summer of 2017, unlike the situations in the past where each season started in the spring, most of the times, in April.

The second change will be in the length of the season because the new format will sustain from 7 episodes instead of 10 like in the past years.

The shooting of the new season will take place in Spain, Northern Ireland, and Iceland. After a few years, game of Thrones will  be back shooting at Iceland, where various locations were used to shoot the scenes where Jon Snow was building a Wildlings Camp.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss executive producers of Game of Thrones series said  that next season is going to start little later than the previous year because of the storylines which are demanding different  weather circumstances, while Casey Bloys president of the HBO programming said that season debut is going to move to summer to make it easier for the shooting later stages of the season episodes.

Not so long ago, UFC Unfiltered podcast was told by Benioff and Weiss that they needed winter weather for the shooting of the season under the name “Winter is here” and that summer sun and clear sky aren’t suitable for their work and because of this, production of the new season is starting later. This heated up the rumors that show production is going to start later than usual, which is in July.

According to the EW, producers said that the series will have a total of 73 hours when added 6 episodes in the eight final season. They were saying that this is their personal plan, but we have to add that nothing yet has anything been officially confirmed regarding the eight season.

Decreasing the number of the episodes will lead to more quality because the producers now have more time to get exactly what they want from the cast and crew. They will use the spare time to get into details and little things, making everything perfect for the viewers.

One thing that is certain is that Jeremy Podeswa, Alan Taylor, Mark Mylod, and Matt Shakman will be directors for the next season.

Ratings of HBO were once again record-high when Game of Thrones season 6 started, where one episode was having an average of 23 million viewers or more. The show had 23 prime time Emmy nominations last week, which is more than any other series, and we might expect for the show to dominate the Emmy Awards event.

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