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Victoria Beckham writes a letter to her younger self


In a letter to her teenage self, published in Vogue, Victoria Beckham expressed a feeling of regret because of her boob job. She also added that young Victoria has to embrace her imperfection and that she will experience a love at first sight, although she might not remember every detail of it.

Once a Spice Girl, nowadays fashion designer, Victoria Beckham wrote a letter to her younger self which was published in Vogue during the September of 2016.

42 years old Victoria wrote many things but one specific situation was underlined.

Embrace what you got


She spoke openly about herself and plastic surgery of her breasts, telling teenage Victoria that she has to embrace what the mother nature gave her.

She also spoke with a dose of anger about a time that passed in her denial that breast implants were one of the biggest mistakes in her life.

For a long time, Victoria Beckham has denied that she even had a plastic surgery and when she was asked on many occasions about that she spoke negatively about having breast implants. She added that this denial represents a sign of her insecurity during that period of time.

This letter was published in Vogue under the title “What I Wished I’d Known”, and it made the headlines during the October of the last year, but the complete and uncensored version will be in this year’s February publication of the popular magazine.

In this letter, besides the part where she was telling about embracing her imperfections, she also wrote that young Victoria Adama at that time, has to let her skin breathe and not to wear make-up so often. Beckham also wrote one interesting thing, saying that she should never have let make-up artists completely shave her eyebrows, because the consequences will last forever and that she is dealing with them even today.

Meeting David


The next thing which she also wrote, is that love at first sight really exists and that teenage victoria will experience it on the stadium of Manchester United, Old Trafford in the player’s lounge.

She might get a little bit drunk, and she won’t remember most of the things, and many details will remain unclear. She will meet David Beckham, a young star in rising at that time, who will become one of the most popular persons on the globe, and will become his wife, no longer called Adams, but Victoria Beckham.

Reach out for the ad


An advice was given to younger Victoria about her professional singing career, telling that she should answer an ad in The Stage newspaper, from a local band that is looking for a candidate for a new girl band. She might get lucky on that one. This band was called “Spice Girls”.

Victoria Adams and David Beckham married during the year 1999. Victoria is a  proud mother of four children. Three sons, Brooklyn 17, Romeo 14, and Cruze 5 years old, and also one beautiful daughter Harper Seven Beckham.

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