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Michael Jackson’s Daughter “Wants To Vomit” After Watching TV Show With Her Late Father

TV show with late Michael Jackson makes his daughter Paris “wants to vomit”


Michael Jackson’s eldest daughter Paris, was hugely upset when she saw a trailer for an upcoming TV series called “Urban Myths”, and she immediately reacted on her Twitter account.

In this TV comedy her father, Michael Jackson was acted by Joseph Fiennes, the star of “Shakespeare in love” drama.

Paris didn’t like the way her father was represented in this trailer and she immediately wrote on her Twitter that this TV show is offensive and that she wants to vomit after looking this trailer.

Paris wrote that she is uncomfortable with her father’s appearance in this TV series and that it represents a disrespect towards him, his work and his family.

She added that most of the people things the same.


She also added that character of her godmother Elizabeth Taylor which is appearing in the series didn’t deserve such disrespect as well, and that after seeing this on the internet, she felt like vomiting.

This TV series is produced by Sky network, a Brittish TV house, and it will be just one of 8 episodes, every one of them 30 minutes long, which will tell us about urban myths where celebrities are involved and trying to reveal them in a funny manner.

Obviously, some didn’t think it was laughable.

The Urban Myth


In this episode, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando are fleeing the New York after 9/11 attacks.

This myth is widely spread across the United States and according to him Jackson was about to have a concert in Madison Square Garden and it’s his special guests he invited Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando.

The terrorist attack occurred, following the closure of all airports and all air traffic. These three celebrities couldn’t use their private jets so they allegedly took a car and headed for California, where by their opinion was much safer than staying in New York. Eventually, they didn’t reach their final destination as they drove only to Ohio stopping along the road, to various fast food restaurants, and gas stations and having many adventures and interesting situations.

Stockard Channing acting is Elizabeth Taylor, and Brian Cox appears to as the late Marlon Brando.

Petition for boycott


More than 20,000 people signed the petition that calls for a boycott of this episode and the whole TV series.

The petition calls for boycott also because Michael Jackson is being portrayed by a white actor instead of black.

The organizer of Julie Rodriguez said that it is an insult towards Jackson and all the black actors who are denied to play a character of one of the best singers in history and person who was black.

TV producers defended their choice and Joseph Fiennes, saying that at the time when the plot takes place, Jackson and Fiennes were resembling and that English actor can bring a real joyful experience when acting the late pop legend.

This represents only an intro of what are we going to see after this episode, and we can’t wait to see the show and to hear more reactions afterward.

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